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‘Helping People into Housing’

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Our background

HOMELINK was founded in 1997, by people from different Christian denominations, who were concerned that people were homeless because they did not have the money to get into rented accommodation; they needed a down-payment for the damage deposit and first month's rent.


HOMELINK is a registered charity with a Board of Trustees, a Management Committee, one part-time employee, who works as a Service Manager, and many invaluable volunteers. There is an office at the House of Friendship in Lewes, and interviews are conducted in Lewes, Newhaven and Seaford.

About the work of HOMELINK

HOMELINK can 'help people into housing' by offering an interest free loan for part or all of the finance needed to access private rented accommodation. On average this is 1,600 per tenancy.

HOMELINK works in partnership with Lewes District Housing Department. The scheme helps local applicants of any faith or none, for whom Lewes District Council has no statutory liability. All applicants are referred to HOMELINK by the Housing Department. The HOMELINK Service Manager and a volunteer interview all applicants and make decisions, based on a client's needs and their ability to repay the loan. Clients should seek accommodation in Lewes District.

HOMELINK refers applicants or tenants to other organisations that could help them as appropriate.

HOMELINK also works with 'Sussex Pathways' at Lewes Prison, which mentors prisoners.


HOMELINK receives an annual grant from LDC. For the last two years ESCC has also given a grant. Loan repayment is very good, as clients are followed up, if problems occur.

We receive regular subscriptions from church members in Lewes District and we are delighted to receive donations. We invite organisations to fundraise for us, and we have a fundraising team.

Friends and volunteers

All who are interested in HOMELINK become Friends of HOMELINK and receive news updates and event details. We are always looking for volunteers.