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‘Helping People into Housing’

Some stories and some pictures

Miss A and Mr B
Thank you card from M

A couple, Miss A, who is expecting a baby, and Mr B were living with Miss A's uncle and aunt in Seaford. They could not stay there after the baby arrived. Both of them work for a burger making chain, but their wages are low. James and the volunteer interviewer were impressed by the couple and gave them a loan of £1,405, to be repaid at a rate of £24.86 a month.

Mr C

Mr C had been sleeping in his car for the past fifteen months. He had become very depressed about his situation. According to his doctor, he would really deteriorate unless he found accommodation. He had a small benefit allowance, so he was given a loan for the deposit and the rent of £1,060 for a one bedroom flat, to be repaid at a rate of £20.97.

“ awe(our) hous”
Another story

A client with mental health problems eventually became homeless, sleeping rough for many years. He felt particularly vulnerable, but found it virtually impossible to find accommodation because of his lack of funds to. A loan from HOMELINK, enabled him to find a safe and secure flat and he has now got the confidence to enjoy life again.